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Mr Lu Wei - China Agent

      Footballfather is a football management company that represents football players. It was conceived from the illusion and commitment of a group of people (players, coaches, advisors, agents, etc) with a wide experience in the field of football.

      Thanks to this group of professionals, Footballfather has delegations in more than 15 countries.

Countries where Footballfather is in Uruguay Argentina Colombia Venezuela Equatorial Guinea Portugal Spain France United Kingdom Germany Italy Romania Russia Australia

      Our main aim is to manage the sport career of our football players in the most efficient way. We always seek to provide them the maximum benefit, both on a sports and business level. Footballfather offers a wide range of comprehensive services to all sportspeople including club search, contract negotiation, legal and financial advice, specific expert training sessions, relocation support, advertising contract management, sponsorship support, etc.

Javier Cabillas Martos

      We have a direct relationship with a large number of clubs throughout the world. This fact allows us to enjoy an extensive variety of options when seeking a better future for our football players.

      Furthermore, Footballfather provides an excellent service to the clubs, due to our vast array of contacts and in-depth knowledge of both professional and grassroots football in the countries where we have delegations.

      All these circumstances make Footballfather a great modern company able to adapt to the football players’ and clubs’ needs ensuring an optimal service.